Trudy Bellam

Trudy Bellam

Trudy Bellam, CPN, RN

The Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s
Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
United States

Trudy Bellum is every parents ideal nurse! She brings to her daily presence a wealth of clinical expertise that is shared equally with the patient; family and peers in the manner and style most important to their learning needs. Trudy’s energetic style and enthusiasm for life is evident in the passion with which she embraces her daily care assignment and engages her peers to do the same. Trudy is at the center of both nursing initiatives at St. Joe’s (from clinical education to ClairVia Acuity) and social celebrations. From celebrating Doctor’s Day, to farewell parties for colleagues…Trudy goes above and beyond to recognize the unique contributions each of us bring to our daily work. On a regular basis, families acknowledge Trudy for the way she makes them feel so special and comfortable with their child’s hospitalization and she always has time to spend with the patient doing the things that a child would want…playing games; telling stories and making them forget that they aren’t at home.

Trudy’s love and dedication is evident not only in the work she does for Children’s Hospital, but also in her personal generosity and response to global tragedy. Trudy was one of the first to respond to the earthquake in Haiti by volunteering her time in nursing support of “Project Smile”. Trudy traveled to Haiti with a team of doctors and nurses from across the country and ministered to the emergent needs of many children stricken by the tragedy. Her photo log of over 2000 pictures tells the story of her journey in ways that words could not describe. Just as she does at TCH@St. Joe’s on a daily basis, Trudy connected with the children and families of Haiti injecting her love; enthusiasm and passion at a time when they most needed.

We are truly blest to have such an outstanding member of our team who aspires us all to serve in ways both great and small.