Trish Simpson

Trish Simpson, RN, CEN

Emergency Department
Ephraim McDowell Health: Danville and Stanford
Danville, Kentucky
United States

I wanted to tell you how deeply grateful I was for the special kindness shown to us by Trish Simpson. I certainly did not dream that my mother's condition, though serious, was life-threatening during our probably two or three hour ER stay, nor did she. But during that time, nurse Trish went the extra mile to make Mom comfortable with warm blankets tucked around her feet, words of comfort, and even a sandwich and a drink. As mom was being moved to a room, she said to me twice, what a wonderful nurse Trish was. Mom had a seizure and died about 10 minutes later. I could never thank Trish enough for the wonderful treatment that made mother's last few hours of life as pleasant as could ever be expected in an ER situation. Please extend her our family's lasting gratitude.