Trina Vierck

Trina Vierck, BSN, RN

Memorial Hospital of South Bend
South Bend, Indiana
United States

Trina was my husband's ICU nurse right after his bypass surgery. She was so wonderful with him while he was still on the ventilator, especially as sedation was being decreased.  She stayed with him, calming him and telling him how much longer every time he signaled to know (even if it was only 3 minutes later) as sedation was being lowered.  Trina also explained and answered questions from my daughter and me.  She allowed me to stay in the room as the tube was removed.  I was so comfortable with Trina's attentiveness to my husband’s needs and the quality of her care, that when he told me to go home and get some rest, I did. Obviously, he was confident in her care as well.