Tricia Sadler

Tricia Sadler

Tricia Sadler, RN

Observation/Telemetry Unit
Mercy Health - St. Rita's Health Partners
Lima, Ohio
United States
Before the end of her shift, Tricia had found a bed frame and mattress for the family.

Tricia admitted a patient to 8AB after having an ICD placed on a Friday afternoon. The patient had known drug abuse which lead to medical issues. During the admission process, the patient's spouse voiced concerns about his wife and how well she was going to do once going home because they were having to sleep on the floor at their home. He voiced that they once had a mattress given to them, but it was infested with bed bugs and had to get rid of it.

Tricia worked diligently trying to find this family a bed to sleep on once home; she was successful. Before the end of her shift, she had found a bed frame and mattress for the family. Saturday, she went and bought pillows and linen for the bed and she and her husband delivered it to the patient's home after being discharged.

Once getting there, they set up the bed, filled up the patient's gas tank after they voiced they were riding their bikes everywhere and bought them two gallons of milk. I am proud to have her as a part of my team as she sets a great example of our mission showing her compassion and bringing help to those in need.