Travis Dominick

Travis Dominick, RN

Excela Health - Latrobe Hospital
Latrobe, Pennsylvania
United States
No voices could have been more soothing and their care of her was truly amazing to watch.

I became acquainted with Travis and Jason as I arrived in Latrobe to spend time with my desperately ill Aunt, E. As I stated, she was desperately ill – she was battling two cancers, living on dialysis with total kidney failure.

End of life is such a dreadful conundrum. She was cognizant of her true condition and for days my husband and I sat with her offering what solace and comfort we could. During this time, we were overwhelmed with gratitude for the gentle care we watched Travis and Jason give not only to Aunt E but to our family as well. Many times, we did not even have to ask, and these wonderful men were there to attend her needs or to ask if we needed anything. We always thanked them for everything, and I was moved to tears as I watched their gentle skilled care for her.

On Sunday the doctor came in and spoke to those of us who were in her room. E heard everything he said, she understood everything and what the consequences of any further treatment or lack thereof would definitely mean for her. As the doctor left the room, she called out to her youngest son; she asked him to please get her a morphine drip. The process, as I am sure is not quick, both Travis and Jason started their communications with the doctor and the pharmacy staff to get her the blessed relief that only morphine delivered IV could provide. Jason and Travis spoke very gently with her. And though they were gloved, no hands could have treated her in such a tender manner. No voices could have been more soothing and their care of her was truly amazing to watch.

Later, that Sunday, her sons were taken to meet with hospice and the rest of us left the room. When we returned, Travis and Jason had arranged snacks and fresh water bottles to be brought to her room for us. I believe the care provided for my Aunt, indeed for all of us, was the best provided by any staff anywhere.

Each day as they came to clean the monstrous wounds on her leg from the unhealing cancer, we left them alone. There was never any cry of pain or suffering as they ministered to her. But more than any of this was the deep grief in their eyes as they did the unthinkable for my darling Aunt.