The Trauma Resuscitation Team
May 2017
Trauma Resuscitation TEAM
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Photo: Bottom row: Karen Doyle, Senior Vice President; Cheri Carver; Harold Hardinger   

Middle Row: Nancy Harloew; Terry DiNardo, Nurse Manager; Marelline James; Angie Nasti; Victoria Anthony; Angela Brammer; Meghan Brady; Becky Gilmore                                       

Top Row: Bridget Kelsey; Damien Hendricks; Jean Filetti; Drew McKernan; Frank Wong; Carmen Embert; Suzie Breeback


I was involved in a bicycle accident on Easter Sunday which ended in a trip to Shock Trauma (“ST”).  I feel compelled to let you know of my experience with your team at ST.  I suffered a broken arm and other related injuries as a result of my accident.  I learned from the activity swirling around me that in the grand scheme of things, my injuries were minuscule compared to most of the people in ST that day. However, there wasn’t a moment during my stay that I felt that I was any less important than anyone else there. I was kept overnight for observation because of a bad reaction to pain medication, so I was around long enough for a changing of the guard twice after my arrival.

Here are some the reasons I wish to commend my Nurses:

 1.  Andrew (nurse upon my arrival) – Most of my interaction was with Andrew.  He is the best nurse ever to help me, and I’ve had many hospital stays to compare nurses.  He’s compassionate, patient, caring, knows his job, takes charge, and is confident that can make it better for you.  His confidence put me at ease, which helped me with my pain.  It’s obvious that he listened intently to everything I, my daughter, and my husband said (more about this later) about my health history. He’d be an excellent teacher.

 2.  Anne relieved Andrew.  She, like Andrew, was caring, attentive and compassionate.

 3.  Angie relieved Anne.  By now it’s obvious to me that it’s no coincidence that these qualities (caring and compassion) are a requirement to work on the ST Team.

 4.  There was no hesitation on the part of others to pitch in and help.  For instance, I hit the call button twice and there was a response nearly immediately, by someone who was not the nurse assigned to me.  Now that’s teamwork.  Also, I passed out a few times.  My daughter said she has never worked with a group so in sync with each other.  She said that immediately there was a near SWAT team response to take care of me.  She works part time in the ER at the hospital near our home, so she has something to compare to your Team.

Now, about my comment re: “listening”, the morning after my arrival, there was a gathering outside my curtain. A man was giving a lengthy synopsis of my case to the morning Team. Every single detail was repeated, concisely and correctly. I’m not used to having a medical care team where every spoke in the wheel was so fine-tuned, and all the details were right.  That tells me that Andrew listened, which in turn shows that he, and your whole Team, cares.

I could go on and on about my positive impressions of your Team, but I’ve taken enough of your time with my long email.  I write to let you know of my experience and to thank you for your high call to excellence in your health professionals.  I was a patient, but I was also made to feel like a guest.  That can’t be an easy feat with the kind of stress that happens to your Team on a daily basis.  But your Team made it seem easy.  Again, I thank you, and no offense, but I hope to never see your Team again. But it sure is nice to know that they’re there, in case I ever do need help again.


ALL TRU RN's Honored with this DAISY Team Award:

Victoria Anthony

Elizabeth Bishop

Thad Bostick

Meghan Brady

Angela Brammer

Susie Breeback 

Jacqueline Brown

Amy Caldwell

Margot Carroll

Edwin Carter

Cheryl Carver

Christopher Coder

Anna Duranske

Michele Duvall

Carmen Embert

Norma Jean Filleti

Rebecca Gibbons

Rebecca Gilmore

June Guadalupe

Heidi Halterman

Harold Hardinger

Nancy Harlowe

Donna Holl

Marcy James

Maura Jones

Bridget Kelsey

Amanda Larsen

Rebecca Madiou

Stacie Mann

Patricia Massaro

Andrew McKernan

Jacqueline McLoughlin

Elizabeth Miller

Janet Miranda

Angela Nasti

Tracy Newhouse

Matthew Piper

Ellen Plummer

Sue Ramzy

Sarah Saccoccio

Suzanne Sherwood

Joshua Stark

Stephanie Tarbell

Christopher Wentker

Lauren Westbrook

Frank Wong