Tracy McInnes

Tracy McInnes

Tracy McInnes, RN

Surgery Trauma ICU
VCU Health System
Richmond, Virginia
United States

Competent, gifted, skilled, compassionate, informed, versatile, genuine, comprehensive, energetic, forward thinking, thorough, caring and authentic are just a few of the plethora of words that describe Tracy McInnes, RN.

Although my husband has no recollection of the superb care provided by Tracy while he was in STICU, I am very much aware that she not only tirelessly, assertively and appropriately treated presenting symptoms but also took great measures to thwart the onset of additional symptoms. Tracy was an advocate for him with the doctors as well as consistently enlisted the aid of other nurses and care partners to assist her with constantly repositioning him. Tracy was extremely attentive and continued to provide him a high level of care even when she had more than one patient! Whenever she was working it was comforting to know that she was assigned as my husband's nurse.

In addition Tracy eagerly looked out for my physical and emotional wellbeing. One day I had a sore throat. So after her shift ended she escorted me to the emergency room. Also for Valentine's day Tracy purchased a Valentine's day card for my husband, helped him sign it, made me oatmeal cookies (my favorite) and brought them to me on Valentine's Day, which was her day off! For these reasons among others Tracy is deserving of the DAISY Award.