Tracy Finch

Tracy Finch, RN; Patient Care Coordinator

Emergency Department
University Health System - San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
United States

To detail the compassion of Tracy Finch with her sick and hurt patients, can only be understood while working alongside of her. Her compassion for the sick and hurt patients is indescribable. She is what an RN should and could be. Tracy will always go the extra mile to service her patient and the patients of other nurses as well.
Tracy Finch is an outstanding leader, mentor and healer. When she is the Patient Care Coordinator of the Emergency Center, she takes this job to a new level. She work as a strong team member and assures that the jobs are completed in a manner that best serves our patients in the Emergency Department. Her colleagues enjoy working under her direction when she assumes these duties. Her skills as an RN are that of a seasoned nurse well past her years of being an RN. Tracy always takes new nurses under her wing.