Traci Dennis

Traci Dennis, RN

Providence Hospitals (SC)
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

Traci displays our core values in action by her collaboration with other units during the recent shortage of critical care beds, she is constantly available, day and night to assist with incoming patients. She is also only a phone call away for our staff, and if called, comes in extra and on weekends both as a manager and as staff to help ease our workload. She has encouraged our staff professionally, ensuring we have the training to remain up to date with new procedures, and the support to further ourselves through professional certifications. Traci always has a positive attitude when she comes to work and works hard to ensure that, no matter the workload in the department, we have the support needed to ensure patient safety and good outcomes. We, as a group, can say that if we did not have Traci in our department, it would not be nearly as successful a unit as it is today.