Tori Carro
August 2020
Short Stay
Chippenham Johnston-Willis Medical Center
United States




I was seen in the ER for severe chest pains and was admitted for observation overnight. It was documented that I could have my sister stay with me as I am hearing impaired (documented by the ER Nurse who was very caring). When I was sent upstairs, she was told to leave. I didn't even get to say goodbye. Then Tori Carro came in to attend as my nurse. I was on the verge of tears and looked for my shoes as I thought of going home instead of staying alone in fear. Tori was simply incredible and alleviated my concerns. She even used her own phone to contact my sister. There are few words to express the difference she made. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

This morning my nurse was Amanda Harvey. She took the time to sit by my bed and help me understand procedures and paperwork.

There are always nurses and doctors who do not take time, but these two women (even though extremely busy) sorted out the importance of expression of compassion. Thank you!