Tonya Burke

Tonya Burke

Tonya Burke, RN

Clinincal Resource Team (CRT)
CHI Memorial Glenwood
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States

Every time Tonya Burke, RN floats to Unit 2 she is a true blessing. However, on January 2nd and 3rd she was floated to Unit 2 and I feel it was a placement by God.

She admitted a young, trouble patient on Jan 2nd who attempted to commit suicide. She connected with the patient and was able to speak with her about how “maybe her being admitted to the hospital was God’s way of getting her the help she needed.” The patient was reluctant to get help and feared she would be transferred to a facility.

The following day Tonya was this patient’s nurse again. The decision was made to transfer the patient to a facility more able to treat her needs. The family was terrified and feared telling the patient this news. Tonya promised the family she would break this news to the patient with love and personally take the patient to the car so she would feel safe.

The time came for discharge so the patient got into the wheelchair and placed a blanket over their head so they would not be seen. As Tonya wheeled the patient down the hall she hovered over them and whispered in their ear the entire way. She told them they were on their way to getting the help they needed and she was protecting them all the way.

When Tonya returned to the floor she came into my office and prayed. We held hands as she prayed for the Lord to guide and protect this sweet patient as she knew he could.

I truly feel that Tonya was meant to be here and care for this patient. Due to her love and compassion the patient is now able to get proper treatment and knows that someone is out there praying for them…Tonya.

Leslie M. Pippin, Nurse Manager, Hixson Unit 2