Tony Maccani

Tony Maccani, MSN, RN

Float Pool
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States
Tony taught my husband exactly how to change our son's diaper, so I'd like to say big thank you for that!

My son was born and emergently flown to Cincinnati Children's and was quickly diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries. This was something that we did not know prenatally, so once we arrived at Cincinnati Children's we were not only very overwhelmed but very scared of everything that awaited us as well. However, it honestly helped us tremendously to have a nurse like Tony. We had the privilege of having Tony as our nurse twice while our son spent two weeks at Cincinnati Children's. Tony was someone who was provided superior care and excellent guidance to us when we needed it the most. I feel as though Tony went above and beyond that of nurse duties and made my husband and I feel more comfortable by providing us with excellent service.

Tony made my husband and I feel very comfortable being in CICU. He asked us questions to get to know us personally and even made small talk about the Olympics on the television. This was so helpful as it allowed us to feel like we were still a part of the real world when in reality we were so far from it. It helped to keep us grounded and looking back, I really appreciate that more than anyone could ever know. He also shared personal stories with us while we were in CICU and I know he didn't have to do that but in doing so, it allowed us to feel more comfortable with him not only as a nurse but as a person as well.

All the nurses at Cincinnati Children's were great, but Tony was exceptional. Any and every single time that Tony came in to do his checks on my son or to do anything with my son, he fully explained what it was he was doing and why he was doing that. He even listened in on the rounds for my son and explained what it was the doctors in the rounds were discussing so that we could better understand the plans for our son. He never once seemed annoyed or aggravated that we asked so many questions and to two parents who were scared out of their minds at what their son was going through, this was beyond comforting for us. Also, he talked my husband into changing my son's diaper and taught my husband exactly how to change his diaper, so I'd like to say big thank you for that!

Tony was our nurse before and after our son's open heart surgery and we couldn't have been happier to see his face in our son's room after our son had his open heart surgery. I knew that my husband and I could walk downstairs to grab a bite to eat or take a quick shower and our son would be greatly cared for by Tony. He was so very attentive to our son's needs and was there at every whimper to check on him. I felt so comfortable with him as our nurse I'd like to hire him as a full time nanny! But since that isn't feasible, I decided to take the time out of my day (colicky heart baby and all) and nominate Tony because that is how much he meant to us while we were there. We have bragged about Cincinnati Children's to plenty of family and friends and each time we do Tony's name enters the conversation and we tell them about what an awesome nurse he was!

Nothing was done to our son and nothing was said without Tony being able to explain to us exactly what was happening and why and it made us feel much more comfortable about being in CICU with our son who at the time of discharge was fourteen days old.