Tonia Carter

Tonia Carter

Tonia Carter, RN

Traumatic Brain Injury
Beaumont Hospital - Taylor
Taylor, Michigan
United States
It is very evident that Tonia absolutely loves what she does. She engages and connects with all the patients she cares for.

Tonia Carter was simply born to be a nurse. She is a staff nurse on the Rehab Trauma Unit at Beaumont Hospital, Taylor. It is very evident that she absolutely loves what she does. She engages and connects with all the patients she cares for. Here are a few examples of what she does to make her patients feel special. Tonia was caring for a patient on the unit and through conversations with the patient discovered that he liked classical music. Tonia’s son plays the violin and she told him about the patient. She said to me, “my son knows how important my patients are to me. I told him that Mr. B loves classical music.” Her son was visiting the metro Detroit area for the day so she asked if he would come to play for her patient. He agreed so she asked the family if it would be alright for her son to come to the hospital to play for him. The family was overjoyed and the patient’s daughter cried after he played.

Another example of her dedication to her patients is the bond she developed with a young patient who lost all of her limbs. Tonia cared for her most days during her admission. Tonia got her through some of her toughest days. Tonia would bring the patient special things on her day off. When the patient got sick and had to be moved to a higher level of care, Tonia went to visit her most days that she worked. The patient was eventually discharged to an ECF where Tonia and her daughter would go visit her. To this day, she is in contact with the patient and visits her. She keeps other members of the team updated on her progress.

During the holiday season when she’s working, she does special things for the patients on the unit to help make the holiday special for them. Tonia is the kind of nurse whom I would want caring for me or my family members. She oozes the “care factor” and it’s so genuine. I am so very proud to have her as a member of my team.