Tom Veeser

Tom Veeser, RN, MSN

Regional Nurse Leader
Ascension Wisconsin
Appleton, Wisconsin
United States

Tom Veeser empowers his associates to live their mission and provide the highest quality of care to every patient, every time.  Tom leads with integrity, honor, and fairness.  Tom sees potential in associates they don't see in themselves and nurtures that potential.  He cares deeply about nurses and the nursing profession.  He always says, “You are professionals and you can change the world.”

There are numerous examples of Tom's drive to improve nursing, too many to relate all.  One that comes to the top of the list is bringing The DAISY Award to the Legacy Affinity/Ministry system in Eastern and Northern Wisconsin.  A 15-hospital system with a stand-alone surgery center and numerous clinics.  It took many years of bringing The DAISY Program to senior leadership before a forward-thinking leader said yes this is a great program and a great way to recognize nurses. 

After the Legacy Affinity/Ministry system joined the Ascension system and the Wisconsin system grew to include Southern Wisconsin, Tom again moved The DAISY Program to the entire Ascension Wisconsin system.  Quite an accomplishment; but, Tom was not done. He then approached the national leadership of Ascension and was successful in expanding The DAISY Program to the entire Ascension System.  Tom Veeser is a Nurse Leader with vision and we were honored to award him The DAISY Nurse Leader Award.