Tom Frazier

Tom Frazier

Tom Frazier, RN

Wenatchee Valley Hospital
Confluence Health
Wenatchee, Washington
United States

Tom is kind, compassionate, and always demonstrates excellent clinical skills. He puts his patients at ease with his knowledge and calm spirit. As a new nurse, I look up to Tom. He is also a team player which is very important in the healthcare field. He helps his CNAs and works with his follow RNs to provide the best care to all of the patients.


Tom is one of the most compassionate and caring nurses that I have had the pleasure to work with. He always comes to work with a positive attitude, whistles and smiles his way into our patients' hearts. When we have a patient who is upset and angry, he is your man! By the end of the shift they will be laughing. Tom goes above and beyond when we have end of life care as well. He does not hesitate to be there for the family in their time of need by taking extra time to educate and comfort. When you combine his knowledge and compassion, he is the type of nurse that I aspire to be.