Tiffany Collins

Tiffany Collins, BSN, RN

3 West Telemetry and Neuro-Stepdown
Summa Health
Akron, Ohio
United States

I am dumbfounded by the superhuman care I received at this hospital.  All the staff members cared so deeply for me during a time where I was unable to care for myself.  One, in particular, Tiffany, went far above my expectations.  At all times she made me feel special, loved, and cared for.  The only time I have ever felt a similar level of care is from my own blood family.  To say that I am grateful does no justice for the way I feel about her and the way I was taken care of by her.  She is a Godsend in my life.  I have never had such compassionate care in my entire 42 years of life.  Thank you so much, Tiffany!