Thippharath Yutthakhram

Thippharat Yutthakhram

Thippharath Yutthakhram, RN,BSN

Bumrungrad International Hospital
Wattana, Bangkok

Thippharath is an exemplary nurse. She is most professional and takes great care to learn all she can about medicines procedures and treatments. Since she wants to understand all of these things herself, she has given it a lot of thought which also makes her exceptionally good at explaining things to patients as well as being able to answer questions. She does not wait for problems to happen but looks ahead and anticipates what might be needed, she prepares pain meds in advance and keeps patients informed about scheduled times for treatment. She is most compassionate and empathizes with a patient's pain. Her calm manner and gentle reassurance make some procedure far less frightening and for post op care she is as good as it gets. I hope she is well-rewarded for her high level of professionalism and for being a true ambassador for Bumrungrad.