Theresa Darosett

Theresa Darosett

Theresa Darosett, LPN

Internal Medicine Clinic
Madigan Army Medical Center
Tacoma, Washington
United States
Because of her excellence, she is asked to train new members of our staff.

I would like to nominate the nurse that works with me daily, Theresa Darosett, for the DAISY Award. She does an excellent job in many areas and is well deserving of this award. She cares about people and listens as they present their complaints. She welcomes them to the clinic, putting them at ease. She tries to anticipate their needs and often gives me insight into what they are here for and what may be wrong that I need to address. Literally, every week I hear from one or two patients that praise her and say how she has helped them, and how efficient she is at getting things done.

I have observed her on the phone many times to patients and she is polite and helpful. In person or on the phone, she knows how to handle difficult patients, make them feel served, and gets the job done. If patients show up at our urgent window, she saves me a lot of time by going to talk with them, and trying to work out a solution many times not involving me at the time.

She is committed to her job and arrives most days before I do. She is a good team member and if there is work for other doctors or nurses she will pitch in and help if she has time. Because of her excellence, she is asked to train new members of our staff.  She does this willingly even though it adds extra work for her. Her attitude and demeanor are excellent and she is a pleasure to work with.

I have been practicing medicine for over thirty years and she is one of the best nurses I have been able to work with. Her efficiency and high level of care are fantastic for patients, she also makes my job much easier and allows me to get home to my family. I appreciate her excellent nursing care and skill.