Thelma Ramos

Thelma Ramos, RN

6 South Telemetry
White Memorial Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States

Thelma Ramos, RN, 6South:

“Thelma has proved herself as not only
a nurse, but a good friend. She’s seen
me cry and wipes my tears, and sits at
my side after administering meds for
pain, to the point where I’m better.
Thank you, Thelma.”

“My nurse Thelma took very good care
of me. She showed to be very diligent
and very attentive. She gets five stars in
my book!”

“Thelma was attentive to my grandpa,
and told my mom if she needed
anything not to hesitate to call. Our
experience in this hospital was
awesome. Great nurses.”
Congratulations, Thelma!