Terry Cline

Terry Cline

Terry Cline, RN

Emergency Department
Mercy Hospital Springfield (MO)
Springfield,, Missouri
United States

In the ER one night when it was very busy, Terry came to me for assistance with an issue. He was ZONE Captain of a team and he had a concern about an 86 year old psych patient who was being transferred to the Marian Behavioral Health Center. He explained that the patient was getting increasingly agitated because he wanted to see his wife. His wife was currently a patient who had been admitted to ortho floor and was scheduled for surgery.

The patient's wife completely takes care of her husband and she had been in the hospital for the last two days. Since there was no one to care for the husband, he hadn't gotten his medicines which caused increased confusion and ultimately the reason for this psych admission.

Terry inquired to see if there was any way the patient could go visit his wife on the floor, prior to going to the Marian Center. Security notified Terry they were not able to complete this request and it would require a 1:1 RN escort for Security to be released from their watch duties. After Terry and I spoke, he volunteered to take the patient upstairs. He took the 86 year old patient to see his wife upstairs.

Terry said both the wife and the patient were immediately calmed upon seeing each other. Apparently the wife had been very upset because no one was able to tell her what was going on with her husband. The agitated elderly man became quiet and composed as he recognized his wife. The husband and wife sat side by side, holding hands until it was time for the patient to be taken to the Marian Center. The patient's wife was updated on the plan of care for her husband giving her great relief. The patient was now quiet and calm upon his transfer to the Marian Center.

Terry tried many options and worked hard to have husband see his wife - despite a very busy department. He advocated for his patient and went above and beyond to meet the emotional needs of his patient and wife. This is a great example of how Terry assures holistic well-being to his patients.