Terrie Bybee

Terrie Bybee

Terrie Bybee, RN, BSN, CMSRN

Telemetry Oncology
Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Mission Hills, California
United States

I wanted to share with you my experience with Terrie Bybee, one of the nurses who truly goes out of her way to advocate for a patient and family. ...We had a complicated end-of-life case in room 1421. And, although the circumstances of the case will be shared at a later time, I wanted to bring attention the exemplary nursing care that was provided not only directly to the patient and family, but also in assisting in the transition to inpatient hospice care. Terrie has always had strengths as a bedside nurse as well as a charge nurse, but it is her positive demeanor and quick attention to all who require it that goes beyond the level I have witnessed in our facility. I can assure you that the patient and family were well cared for during a rather rocky encounter and all of their needs met to maintain a seamless transition. As EPIC has caused some issues in order entry, especially if the physician is away from a computer, she gladly took orders and entered them into the system to ensure all were in place to care for the patient. If this doesn't exemplify our Mission, I don't know what does!


Terrie is a charge nurse on the unit. She has been with Holy Cross for 17 years now. She is extremely hard working and is self-motivated to provide the patients with the very best care they can receive. Terrie takes a very proactive approach to meeting the patients' needs on the unit. She is one of the first people to be on the phone calling physicians to obtain necessary orders and advocate on behalf of the patients and their family members. Terrie also actively supports the unit and staff. Staff love how every morning they can count on Terrie to assist with completing the morning accuchecks for them. Terrie routinely manages any situation with a "no problem, go get em" attitude. She frequently deals with staffing shortages by taking patients while being charge on the unit. Additionally, she always accepts patients and assists to expedite discharges to ensure throughput is happening on the unit. Terrie has a great working relationship with the physicians. The physicians trust in Terrie's judgment, knowledge and skill and know if she is calling them it is for a good reason.