Terrie Ambrogio

Terrie Ambrogio, RN

Med Surg
Florida Hospital Celebration Health
Celebration, Florida
United States

Terrie’s background is in oncology or should I say her “Heart” is with her oncology patients. She establishes a REAL connection with her patients. This is evidence by her actions and those of her patients. Often times, her patients who are here to see their physician, will come to the floor to say “Hi!” to her. She treats them like family! As busy as she gets if she hears that one of her patients are admitted on another unit, she always takes the time to go see them.

This past weekend, she was on the unit and heard one of her co-workers was overwhelmed. She went over to complete a discharge for her. When she walks the halls she is always alert to her surroundings. She will not ignore a pump that is bleeding, she makes a point to silence the pump or restart if necessary.

In addition if a patient or family member approaches the nurse’s station she will always acknowledge and/ or accommodate their needs.

If you are having a rough day, come see her. She will make you laugh. She’s the kind of person who has the contagious laugh that lifts everybody around her. Bottom line is I like coming to work as well as many of her co-workers, just because she will be there.

In honoring Terrie Ambrogio we also honor and appreciate the team that they work with. Teamwork is essential to achieve the impact that nurses make every day.