Terri Dagres

Terri Dagres

Terri Dagres, RN

UPMC Horizon
Farrell, Pennsylvania
United States
Terri allowed me to squeeze her hand - probably severely - and never winced.

This world is full of wonderful people, but UPMC Horizon has one of the best.  I was a patient there for four days with a staph infection in my hand.  This was just three days after having an outpatient surgery at another UPMC hospital.  After lancing, the infection revealed the need for more intervention and I was admitted late Saturday evening.  Early Sunday morning the doctors decided to try flushing out the infection.  Not being able to reach my husband to be with me at that time, my nurse, Terri Dagres, assured me that she would be there. 

The morphine I was given may have helped deaden the pain, but if it did I could not say.  There was immense pain associated with this bedside procedure.  Terri helped the doctor prepare for the procedure, but once he began, she never took her eyes off me.  Terri allowed me to squeeze her hand - probably severely - and never winced.  She tried her hardest to take my attention away from the hand.  The more my face contorted, and the tears forced their way down, the faster and louder she talked. 

We must have been quite the pair, with that nonsense conversation going on, both knowing the only thing that mattered was to keep talking.  Terri did everything possible to keep me calm.  Once the doctor had done all he could, Terri made sure that I was comfortable and well cared for.  She was there with me later in the day when the surgeon came in to tell me that I needed surgery the next morning to eradicate the infection. 

Terri stood by me throughout this whole "adventure".  She had many other patients on the floor, but she made me feel like I was her only one.  Later in my stay there, she gave me challenges.  She must have sensed that would motivate me to push on harder.  Terri was my angel.  She made my longest ever hospital stay feel like a vacation.  It was an extremely positive experience.  Terri was not the only wonderful staff member I had.  They were all great, but she took nursing a step or two, or even a full staircase, above all else.  This must not be a job for Terri; it must be a calling.  I thank UPMC Horizon for having her as a part of their staff.  I cannot thank Terri enough for what she did for me in those four days.  She has the touch of a healer and a heart of gold!