Terri Burke

Terri Burke

Terri Burke, RN

RN Care Coordinator
Aurora Medical Center Burlington
Burlington, Wisconsin
United States
Terri called us on a regular basis from that point forward. At times, it was to get updates on him, but other times, she wanted to see if there was anything WE needed! This was very much appreciated.

My Father has had an interesting and challenging medical situation. Since the beginning of this year, he has dealt with a variety of issues that we are still fighting. To say he has seen a team of medical professionals is an understatement. Without a few key individuals (and maybe some divine intervention), we would not have him today. The role Terri Burke has played in his situation has been instrumental.

A routine cardiac appointment turned into a whirlwind of uncertainty. My father was behaving oddly. He was bloated, confused, and beyond tired. He said he didn’t sleep at all the night before, so I cautiously accepted his explanation. I had no idea that after leaving that appointment, we would be in the Burlington ER. He was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in his throat, which caused swelling and bloating.

A decision was made to admit him into ICU, but due to the flu epidemic, no beds were available in the Aurora system. A search for a bed out of network was initiated. Eventually, a bed at another facility was identified as being available.

They were treating him for the infection and identified that it may have been caused by Lisinopril. His confusion was a result of a reaction to his anti-biotics and a Methotrexate.

They did a stress test of his heart and found abnormalities. A cardiac cath was ordered and what started as a sore throat turned into a larger emergency. He had a considerable blockage in his legs and arteries around his heart. Emergency bypass surgery was needed right away. This a where Terri Burke entered our situation. While holding a vigil at our father’s bedside, we got a call from Terri asking about him. She was very concerned and reassured us that he was in good hands. She offered her help anytime we needed it and made us feel empowered. She spoke to us like a family member and recognized our efforts to be there as a family for our father. Terri called us on a regular basis from that point forward. At times, it was to get updates on him, but other times, she wanted to see if there was anything WE needed! This was very much appreciated.

Our father got a quadruple bypass with valve repair and replacement. So many questions, so many different health care professionals to deal with. That being said, there was one constant throughout our ordeal, Terri Burke. In the midst of a confusing and emotional situation, Terri offered a reassuring resource and a source of answers.

His medication list was growing, he came down with pneumonia, and they offered little in the way of answers. Still, we thankfully had Terri.

Throughout three hospitals and two rehab centers, our “Guardian Angel” was available and more than willing to help in any way she could. When we had to decide ourselves to pull him and have him admitted to Burlington ICU, she was a call away. When we had him switched to another rehab facility she reassured us we were doing what we felt was best for him.

Now that we have gone through rehab and undertook the tough task of home care, that one constant is still by our side, Terri. She makes us feel like the most important case she has every time.

We have dealt with so many people. So many meds and med changes. We have had to juggle appointments. We have had to make life-changing medical decisions, ones we were not prepared or qualified to make, but Terri was there. She has always been there as our constant.

We have had many amazing people working hard to do what is best for our father. One person stood out among those we felt were amazing (To stand out among amazing people, one must be truly exceptional), Terri Burke. Absolutely unbelievable, unexpected, and very much appreciated! We honestly would have been lost a hundred times without her care, compassion, and patience.

We thank Terri for her efforts, and we hope she knows our debt of gratitude for them. She made a huge difference and continues to do so.