Teri Smith


4C Med/Surg
St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital
Madison Heights, Michigan
United States

I would like to nominate Teri Smith RN 4C for the Daisy Award.

I can not describe only one situation that demonstrates her criteria for the Daisy Award because this is a daily thing for Teri.

Teri is a caring & compassionate RN who always goes above & beyond to help out all patients & staff.

Teri is also very encouraging to the patients. She tries to lift their spirits & encourages them to make lifestyle changes to benefit them but she NEVER judges. She is also very encouraging to her co-workers & does what she can to make things better in any way shape or form. She tries to always help people see the positive side of things, she is just a naturally caring, nurturing person.

She is also a certified wound care RN who often misses her lunch to counsel patients, sometimes @ great length, & their families on wound care needs & how to care for it after discharge. She even tells them to call the floor after discharge w/ any questions.

She has followed patients (who have no family/ or no family in the state) home to make sure they get into their house & get settled. She will do whatever it takes to make sure the patient has everything they need upon discharge home even if it cost her out of her own pocket.

Teri is a team player who jumps in to help wherever & whenever needed & organizes unit activities to boost morale. And lets add that she is an awesome cook who loves to feed her co-workers & we enjoy it.

Submitted anonymously

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