Teri Corte

Teri Corte, RN

Tulane Medical Center
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States
And the second she dressed him in his jeans, he was walking around the room bobbing his head like a new man!

Teri transported a patient up to SICU the other day, and I got to talking with one of the other nurses about what an amazing person Teri is, not only for her coworkers, but also for her patients.  The other nurse was agreeing saying that she is one of the med-surg nurses that she enjoys getting and giving report to because she is always so chipper and acts like every patient she is getting is a new friend to be made (seriously!).  I used to work side by side with Teri as a 7east nurse, and no matter how hectic the day was, she would always drop what she was doing to help a coworker out!  Always!  And if you ask management, they'd probably say helping others to the disadvantage of herself by making her day longer.  But most notably, she goes above and beyond to do personal things for her patients. 

There was one time we had a homeless patient on the floor whom we could not find placement for, and hence, he became a staple and was there for weeks on end.  I can't remember if Teri went to the Goodwill or if she brought old clothes from her boyfriend, but she brought in jeans for this patient to wear so that he could feel dignified for the first time in a really long time.  We all laughed hysterically because the patient had a psych history and was so agitated the entire stay, but Teri made it her mission to make him happy.  And the second she dressed him in his jeans, he was walking around the room bobbing his head like a new man!  She's often the only one who can break a cold-hearted patient! 

I also ran into her the other day and she had a bag of razors from home because she wanted to give her patients a "real" shave.  She has also done numerous things on her own regard for the community as well.  I've heard that she has done food drives on her unit for the holidays.  Anytime there is an initiative that management is trying to promote, Teri will be their cheerleader!  Teri is always a ray of sunshine. I can honestly state that I have always instantly had a smile on my face when I see her.  She is the epitome of selflessness.