Teresa Wheeler-Scott

Teresa Wheeler-Scott, RN

Pediatric Sedation Team
Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel
Portland, Oregon
United States
Teresa strives to put the patient at the center of care and do the right thing.

Teresa is a CN at RCH. She takes this role very seriously and informs her staff of our goals on a daily basis. Teresa is currently monitoring patient falls. As part of our daily rounding, Teresa addresses our fall data and any other safety concerns we have. By utilizing the daily and consistent rounding approach, we are able to pick up safety concerns that can be addressed as needed. Some concerns have been managed immediately and others have gone on to the RCH safety meetings and have received attention at that level. I feel Teresa’s sincere and consistent use of these huddles addresses concerns early and effectively. It also opens up communication with staff. Teresa also has a special gift for working with patients who have special needs due to autism or developmental delays. She has a great approach with the patients and families. She also delivers excellent and safe care unique to some of these patients. This often involves utilizing security or other staff as needed.

I have always felt Teresa’s strongest asset as a nurse is her role of patient advocate. She strives to put the patient at the center of care and do the right thing. She is thorough in her role of addressing patient needs and awareness of complex medical situations. Teresa puts her heart and soul into the department/unit and her patients and is a true DAISY Nurse.