Teena Chu

Teena Chu

Teena Chu, BSN, RN

7East Hospital
Lahey Health
Burlington, Massachusetts
United States

Had a lot of phone calls to make once my wife and I were back home from Lahey Clinic. Every call made or received, I first couldn't say enough good about everyone who came into my room. Never have I met so many nice people before. A patient like me needs that kind of care around you. Wish I were better with names because everyone's could be mentioned. One name that stands out and was so very helpful was Teena.


We were still a little confused about what to do when we got home. Teena was so patient with us, explaining everything and answering all of our questions. She showed us a different catheter bag and it worked so much easier for my husband. Teena is just a pleasant person to be around and we needed that. She never got impatient with us even though my husband can't hear well and kept asking her to repeat herself. I thank her and every one on 7E for all their help.