Ted Murry

Ted Murry

Ted Murry, RN

Winter Haven Hospital and Winter Haven Women's Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida
United States

I had a case a couple of weeks ago, in which the team really came together, and wanted to especially recognize Ted Murry, RN, for his work under fire. On Dec 19th, I had the privilege of caring for an infant who was critically ill with RSV.

Ted Murry helped lead the charge, was instrumental in coordinating her care, and was a steadfast advocate for her and her family throughout their ED stay, and transfer to All-Children's Hospital.

So the baby in question crashed rapidly. Went apneic multiple times, bradyed, and ended up coding. Ted immediately got the warmer, had the foresight to move the baby to a bigger room, and by keeping the family calm, he got additional access for me. It really wasn't a soft-tone-of-voice situation - rather keeping calm in a very stressful situation, recognizing when the baby bradyed to 60 and needed compressions, helping me direct traffic, etc.

No one likes coding babies, but I'd want him there if I had to do it again. Baby did well, thankfully.

I don't know if grace under fire is one of your DAISY Award qualifiers, but Ted definitely had it that day. I have expressed my appreciation for the entire team that day, but wanted to specifically bring Ted to the administration's notice for his exceptional care and advocacy that day.