Team One South at Newton Medical Center

Team One South

Team One South at Newton Medical Center

One South
Newton Medical Center
Newton, New Jersey
United States
Tammy Benanti; Emily Chayka; Barbara Chojnowska; Karly Dugan; Elise Ellis; William Etzkorn; Marie Gelin; Morgan Graham; Gladys Jyamfi; Meagan Kilpatrick; Rachel LaGreca; Paige Meyerriecks; Monica Munoz; Dawn Porphy; Holly Rudinski; Emilia Stasova; Melanie Sumski; Nisha Trivedi; Heather Giunta; Diana Van Leuven; Linda Yaeger; Christopher Alvarez RN; Daniela Betancourt-Gutierrez RN; Kevin Bilby BSN, RN; Janessa Biller BSN, RN, CCRN; Keziah Blair BSN, RN; Emmy Borgie BSN, RN; Melissa Breckenridge RN; Carmina Brown-Johnson RN; Sue Caputo BSN, RN; Ling Cen RN; Catherine Crane BSN, RN; Tonya Decker BSN, RN; Jhoanne Diaz RN; Sally Jo Dutkus RN; Erin Forgeson RN; Liza Geronimo-Cook RN; Kari Graham RN; Joelene Groves BSN, RN, PCCN; Tatiana Hamarcak RN; Audra Hover MSN, RN, ONS, RN-BC; Erica Kinney RN; Karen Krok BSN, RN; Amanda Lambert RN; Bernadette Lattig BSN, RN; Claudia Lobycz RN; Karin McElhannon BSN, RN, CCRN/AACN; Rebecca Meskowitz RN; Chelsea Norz RN; Caitlin O'Brien RN; Monica O'Keefe RN; Jennifer Peck BSN, RN, CCRN; Felix Pena RN; Kimberly Rochette RN; Amanda-Rose Tanzola RN; Zofia Tsovko RN; Afton Werner RN; Dana Scarmozzino

When I first checked in, I was rude, vague, and obnoxious due to my condition going in. Even though I was all those things all nurse and staff treated me with patience and kindness. They explained the rules to me. Even though I didn't like it they were still very understanding. They always answered my questions, whether I wanted to hear the answers or not. As time went on, I was drugged up to understand the issues involving chronic drinking and help me understand with patience the way it works. Telling me, for them to help me I need to help myself. Meals were on time and so were my medications. Also asked me if I'm comfortable if not would accommodate my needs whether I did it nicely or rudely. They also gave me one on ones to press the issue. They were there to help put behind me the mistakes that I caused on my own. Had me adjust to follow the rules for their safety as well as my own. Woke me up with the medication with respect and taught me how to get as much rest as I could. Had me do physical therapy but walking and getting our mindset back to where it belongs instead of living in a dream the drinking was causing. As time started winding down, they started treating me like family as I learned to accept that as well. They knew I was not suicidal they just knew I had a problem and understood that, so it made our relationship a little easier to handle. If I would wake up at night and there was no food they would find a way to get me something. As I was being discharged, I felt I was leaving my family. They all came to my room to wish me good luck and I told them I won't be back. Because I feel they helped me solve the problem in my head. I will miss them and hope they feel the same. In closing, I would like to thank all the staff once again and I am confident they will take the time to do that for everyone.


1 South may be the best work family I have ever had. Working on this floor has given me an appreciation for what teamwork, compassion, and hard work can do. Over the past few months, I have seen little things improve on this unit- such as great “M” in the Box compliance and charting pain on the whiteboards. I have also noticed happier patients and family members with bedside shift report. Oftentimes we have difficulties with doctors putting in orders, but I know that every nurse I work with continues to advocate for their patients; regardless of how difficult it may be.

There is no place I feel more at home at NMC than I do on 1 South. Karin McElhannon and Dana Scarmozzino are the reason why our unit works so well together. I am thankful to work on this floor, and my 1 South family should know it!