"Team 3B Was There For Me" at Community Medical Center

Team 3B

"Team 3B Was There For Me" at Community Medical Center

Community Medical Center
Toms River, New Jersey
United States
Crystal Billingsley, PCA; Katherine Forbes, BSN, RN, CMSRN; Rebecca Hook, RN, CMSRN; Cheryl Vaccaro, BSN, RN-BC

I would like to thank several members from 3B for caring for me physically, emotionally, and compassionately during my extended hospitalization. From the moment these nurses and patient care associates began caring for me, I knew I was in great hands. They answered my many questions and kept me informed of each step that would be taken during my care and recovery. They contacted my doctor when I voiced concerns on my status which resulted in immediate answers. They addressed my need to rest and offered to move me to a different room when my roommate became restless and loud. When my diet was finally upgraded to solid foods, they rushed to get me something to eat while my meal tray was being prepared.

I am one with many questions and Katie addressed my concerns with her bubbly personality in a compassionate and professional manner. Even when I was unable to communicate easily right after my surgery, she would just give me a thumb's up or a wink. Rebecca was especially patient and reassuring regarding my progress and would remind me of how much I had improved each day. Crystal was always there with a smile, ensuring my comfort with her expert care and great conversation.

The teamwork was evident and efficient and within five minutes of the doctor releasing me for discharge (finally), my nurses, including Cheryl, the assistant director and charge nurse, began working on my discharge papers to ensure my prompt but safe transition home. Having been kept abreast of each step of my care during my hospitalization helped to alleviate the stress of the unknown.

Individually, Katie, Rebecca, Cheryl and Crystal are amazing. Together, they made my experience memorable and the level of nursing care I have experienced on this unit was exceptional and deserves to be celebrated.