Tausha Monday

Tausha Monday

Tausha Monday, BSN, RN

Medical Surgical Telemetry
University of Tennessee Medical Center
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States
When she was in my husband’s room, she made him feel like he was the only patient.

My husband has liposarcoma.  He is 48 years old.  This diagnosis has brought us to the hospital a few times for extended stays.  While we have been happy and well taken care of by all staff, Tausha has gone above and beyond to make us comfortable.  Her sincere kindness and compassion has touched our lives in such a positive way.  I don’t think that we were her favorites or that she was giving us special treatment.  I believe that is just that kind of person she is with all the patients.  She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She held my husband’s hand and cried with him.  She looked him in the eye when she spoke.  She has been a ray of sunshine in this very dark time in our lives.

I am a nurse and I know how demanding the job is.  When she was in my husband’s room, she made him feel like he was the only patient.  She never acted as if she were in a rush to get out of his room.  She never complained about how busy she was when my husband hit the nurse light in need of pain medication or something for nausea.

My husband and I fell in love with this precious nurse named Tausha!  I still don’t think she realizes the impact her actions have had on our lives!  I think everyone could learn a valuable lesson from her. If anyone deserves an award for extraordinary clinical skills and compassion, it is this very special nurse, Tausha Monday! 


Tausha is very intelligent and knowledgeable of the practice of nursing.  I had a list of concerns over medical issues and she asked to see it and on every question, she was able to calm my concerns.  She also, before I would even ask, had my pain medication to me.  She was able to go over my labs in such a manner that I believe she has the potential to be a doctor.  She always checked on me without fail.