Tatiana De Leon

Tatiana De Leon

Tatiana De Leon, RN,BSN,OCN

Comprehensive Treatment Center Plantation
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center/UMHC
Miami, Florida
United States

Tatiana is described in her nomination for the DAISY Award as a caring and dedicated professional. She receives compliments and gratitude from patients on a regular basis, as a result of the compassion she shows them, from her colleagues for her willingness to help them in whatever way is needed, including but not limited to taking patient assignments, even when in charge, if changes in acuity and volume warrant it. From her supervisors, for the flexibility she consistently exhibits with all work assignments.

Tatiana treats everyone from administrators to housekeepers, with the same respect and dignity, always communicating in an up-beat, and positive manner. she does not become flustered by urgent issues, but rather prioritizes and works them through to resolve them for her department as well as others. Working in a high acuity oncology infusion suite, the care and compassion she shares is only matched by her outstanding nursing skills. She promotes and models exceptional nursing professionalism at all times.

Tatiana holds a BSN in Nursing and is certified as an Oncology Nurse. She has been named by many patients and co-workers as a "special angel"