Tara Guerin

Tara Guerin, RN

C3 Medical/Surgical
Winchester Hospital
Winchester, Massachusetts
United States

Tara was nominated by a co-worker who has had the pleasure of working alongside her for the past 5 years. Tara has gone above and beyond for her care of her patients. She goes above and beyond to show endless compassion to not only one but all of her patients.

Tara was caring for a patient who had a sister who was critically ill in the ICU. The patient in the ICU was actually a patient on C3 who was an RRT a few nights prior. Tara was also present for the RRT and knew how scared and sick the patient was. Knowing the situation and working with the nurses in the ICU, Tara coordinated a transfer of the patient to visit her dying sister. With help from the staff, the completely contracted patient was transferred to a stretcher, put on the side that she would be able to have contact with her sister, and Tara personally brought the patient to the ICU. There, Tara described the moment as one she will never forget. The dying patient knew that she did not have a lot of time to live and was crying, holding her sisters hand for the very last time. Although her patient did not know that her sister was dying, she was smiling for one of the first times during her admission. The joy on both of their faces brought the staff in the ICU to tears. Tara brought these two sisters (96 & 97 years old) something that will not happen again until they meet someday in heaven.

It was a beautiful moment and I am very proud and priviledged to work alongside Tara. She exemplifies compassion in every aspect of her job, and truly deserves this DAISY Award.