Tara Garner

Tara Garner, RN

Infant Care Unit
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Late last year, a three day old newborn was admitted to the Infant Care Unit due to dehydration and hypothermia. He had been discharged home from the newborn nursery and the mom was breastfeeding. She had a very difficult delivery with a fourth degree tear and was in a great deal of pain. After being seen first in a minor med, then at another hospital ED, the baby was transferred to the Infant Care Unit at LeBonheur. Mom, dad, and baby were exhausted both physically and mentally. Mom was feeling a lot of guilt because someone at one of the other facilities had told her she should have been giving formula instead of trying to breastfeed as her milk had not come in yet. In August, 2009, the mom wrote a letter to the clinical director of the Infant Care Unit expressing her gratitude to Tara. She said that Tara made a HUGE difference in her and her child's life. Tara sat and listened to the mom and empathized with her. Tara made this mom's dream of breastfeeding her son come true. She got the mom a breast pump, reminded her to eat, provided her with the opportunity to shower and brought her water each time she pumped. She helped her get on a pumping schedule and provided encouragement, support and lessened the mom's anxiety and guilt. The mother further stated that her son was now 10 months old, is in the 90th percentile for height and weight is continues to breastfeed like a champ. She said that none of this would have been possible without Tara.