Tara Broughton

Tara Broughton

Tara Broughton, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

Tara Broughton was nominated for being a role model to others and an advocate for her patients and department.

"Five years ago when I first started at Saint Agnes, Tara was one of my preceptors," her nominator wrote in a nomination letter. "I was a new grad and very nervous and unsure of myself. I was in awe of Tara the day that she was a preceptor and I still am to this day."

Tara is known to not only be an advocate for her patients, but she also takes the time to mentor others and promote her department. For example, she most recently worked with several other nurses to create a department display for Nurses Week.

"The display turned out perfect and it represented all the hard work that our department does and the many dedicated staff members that we have," her colleague wrote. "Tara has been a great role model to me – I admire her strength, nursing skills and everything she does for our department."