Tanya Persoon

Tanya Persoon

Tanya Persoon, BSN, RN

UT Southwestern University Hospitals
Dallas, Texas
United States
Tanya has her unique way of connecting with patients which is her strength, especially in oncology population.

Tanya is compassionate. It was extremely hard for me not to get my eyes wet with tears, when one of my patients from a diverse background mentioned to me, about this nurse, who went above and beyond to find out his food preferences and arranged to get his food choices. He has been hospitalized for the past two weeks with newly diagnosed leukemia, has language barriers, cultural differences, and nurses were finding it hard to connect with him despite their honest efforts. Tanya was able to bring such a great smile on his face!  

Tanya displays accountability daily. Tanya's persistent efforts with a patient assessment and partnership shed light on a potential skin issue that was addressed in real time, enabled appropriate interventions, and the patient was discharged without skin complications. She has her unique way of connecting with patients which is her strength, especially in oncology population. 

Tanya is well known for her communication skills and respect for peers and patients. She keeps the patient as number one and uses every opportunity to support her peers. Patient Care Techs, HUCs, and peers often use her as an example to share respectful delegation and proactive rounding. Tanya's work ethic has been commented on multiple occasions by her peers and members from other disciplines. 

Tanya transferred to 11S in early 2015 and her consistent efforts in learning has made her an expert in care of BMT patients, precept, and she is currently pursuing BMT certification and has applied for the clinical ladder program.

She is also innovative. As she found out that the unit faces challenges with keeping track of chair alarms being lost with patient discharge. Tanya reached out to her leaders after brain storming with her peers with a workflow to track chair alarms. Unit is currently following this process.  She is a silver PACT pin recipient consecutively for two years. Tanya is a phenomenal nurse who exemplifies UTSW professional practice model and nursing excellence.