Tanya Kupershmidt

Tanya Kupershmidt, RN

Los Angeles, California
United States

I arrived at the Eating Disorder unit weighing less than 70lbs. I was knocking on death’s door and unable to walk or hold my head up. Tanya was assigned as my primary nurse throughout my stay. I received one-on-one care. I was unable to do anything on my own so Tanya helped feed me throughout day. She also gave me a sponge bath before breakfast, wheeled me around the unit, helped me use the restroom, helped me get dressed and did my hair. She did anything she could to make me feel special.
Although Tanya was the charge nurse in her unit and had many responsibilities she always made me feel important and made me feel like a top priority. I felt bad that I had to rely on her for all my needs but she never seemed to mind despite all the other things she had to do. She has a sincere heart and I was so fortunate to have her as my caregiver. She listened and attended to all my needs and I felt I could always go to Tanya with any problems. She is an extraordinary nurse.