Tanya Fresquez

Tanya Fresquez, RN

St. Rose Dominican Hospital - San Martin Campus
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

Tanya Fresquez is patient, highly skilled and precise. She introduced herself and engaged me in conversation, both about me and the reason I came to IMC, discussing her role, the procedures she would be assisting me with and how our time together would be.

She laughed and smiled and made me feel like I was her only care. A skilled professional, she conducted herself as such, as well as with the warmth of a friend. She had to flush my IV that was established in Emergency. It all came apart, and she was so calm, giving me instructions, telling me what we were going to do. She sent me to the bathroom and when I returned, the bed was changed and everything was cleaned up and ready to establish a new IV next to the one already on my right wrist. Everything was laid out and the procedure was so smooth that I just knew she was one of a kind.

Each person I have met here has given excellent care, but Tanya stands out above them all. She merits special recognition because she is more than good at her job. She lives to serve her patients, make them feel comfortable, cared for and better than when they first arrived.

Tanya is the best!