Tanya Bender

Tanya Bender

Tanya Bender, RN

Heart Center
Stormont Vail Health
Topeka, Kansas
United States
Tanya continued to touch base with the family with updates and providing comfort in keeping them informed. She was sensitive to their concerns.

With a positive attitude and demonstrating professionalism in the work environment, Tanya Bender is the face and representation of the newly established TAVR program at Stormont Vail Health.  She is the first person patients have contact with and she provides all the coordination/communication with the patient and family to ensure that all tests are performed for the TAVR procedure.  This process can take anywhere from 30-60 days so Tanya becomes not only a familiar face, but a trusted friend as she begins to know the patient and family.

Tanya’s job performance exemplifies the mission, vision, and values of Stormont Vail Health.  Not only does Tanya assist with all the pre-procedure workup for TAVR patients, she establishes a close relationship with the family. She is also in the actual TAVR procedure with the patient so she will be aware of all the procedure detail upon the patient follow-up visit, providing continuity of care.

Tanya’s story explains the caring factors she regularly exhibits. Recently Tanya assisted preparing a patient and family for the patient’s procedure.  She spends much of her time scheduling, aligning and teaching the family about the upcoming high risk procedure to be performed.  Tanya had established a relationship and a bond with the patient and family.  On the actual procedure day, Tanya was in the procedure room at the patient’s side and calling the patient by name every step of the way.

The procedure was going along fairly well until a known complication occurred.  The situation was intense but the care team and four physicians knew exactly what to do.  Luckily the response of the team put actions into place in such a quick and timely fashion, things seemed to be stable but the patient was very much in a critical state.  Tanya went along with the physicians and providing honesty to the patient’s family of the complication that had occurred.  They visited with the family to ensure we respected the patient’s wishes.  As Tanya had been an attentive listener throughout all her visits with the patient and family, she along with the physicians knew to uphold the agreement and a plan was developed to help save the patient while honoring these decisions.

As the procedure continued for several more hours, Tanya continued to touch base with the family with updates and providing comfort in keeping them informed.  She was sensitive to their concerns.  Throughout hours of continuing to help save this patient, I glanced over and found Tanya in complete tears as she watched such valiant efforts being performed.  There was truly a presence in the room with us.  The afternoon’s procedure went into the early morning hours and Tanya never left her patient’s side and maintained contact with the family.

The patient did come through the procedure and into the ICU.  The patient had a very prolonged recovery and Tanya was there in and out of seeing the patient and family for weeks.  She is truly amazing to patients, families, peers, physicians, and all she encounters.