Tammy Head

Tammy Head, RN, BSN, OCN

Ortho Unit
St. Mary's Medical Center - SCL Health
Grand Junction, Colorado
United States
Tammy anticipated my needs with compassion and extreme care.

After three joint replacements at St. Mary's Hospital, Tammy was a charge nurse for two of those procedures. She has left a lasting memory of my times in the hospital because she anticipated my needs with compassion and extreme care. It was my birthday the day after my surgery. Instead of bringing me just a package of crackers to eat before my meds, she brought a little basket with many choices. That was at midnight just as my birthday began. I told her that was my birthday present. She sang Happy Birthday and wrote on the instruction board across from my bed, "Happy Birthday." Tammy has never failed to extend a loving touch of kindness each time she was in my room. I always felt secure with her help when I needed to walk and move about in my room after the surgery. Meeting my needs for additional ice, water, pillows, etc. were always fulfilled with a smile and kind words. She is an exceptional nurse who represents her profession in an exemplary way. It is a pleasure to share my story about Tammy with you because I was truly blessed to have her again two weeks ago as my trusted and caring nurse.