Tammie Ayers

Tammie Ayers, RN

Unit 4100
Saint Agnes Healthcare
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
Tammie possesses the total package of a medical professional.

Tammie was recognized by a patient who had been admitted to Saint Agnes several times over the past two years for heart-related issues. He wrote that Tammie “possesses the total package of a medical professional.” He commended Tammie for listening, understanding and acting deliberately with knowledge, competency, and compassion. During his stay, the patient was assured by Tammie that she would return to say goodbye on his discharge date. The patient was moved that Tammie kept her word and came in on her day off to check on the patient and wish him well. Of the experience, the patient wrote, “This brief hello – goodbye visit assured me that Tammie did everything possible to put me on the road to recovery.”