Tamara Scheidt

Tamara Scheidt

Tamara Scheidt, RN

Ambulatory Care
CHI Franciscan Health - St. Joseph Medical Center
Tacoma, Washington
United States
Tamara always remains calm and pleasant, no matter how many people she has pulling at her.

Tamara is such an incredible role model, teacher, and coworker.  She is always kind, patient and willing to help in any way she can.  I have learned so much from her. As a new nurse and I will always remember her.  Tamara always remains calm and pleasant, no matter how many people she has pulling at her.  Her kindness and compassion for her patients and coworkers goes above and beyond.

Over Christmas we had two patients that had been on our unit for a long period of time and neither really had any family that visited.  Tamara made plans to go into each of the rooms and decorate for the holiday.  This was an incredibly kind act and I know the patients truly felt the spirit of Christmas. 

Tamara is a nurse that genuinely shares other’s feelings.  If I cry, she cries. If I laugh, she laughs.  Every morning she arrives with a smile on her face and wears it the whole day through.  Tamara puts others before herself.  There have been many times I have taken lunch at a late time only to turn and see Tamara coming in behind me.

Tamara has a very soft, caring, and comforting way about her.  I can recall the first time I had a fresh post-cardiac cath patient who began to bleed.  I called Tamara for assistance and she was there by my side so calmly reassuring me that all was well.  This situation turned out well and I now feel that by Tamara’s example I will be able to handle such a problem if it arises again.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to have her support, sense of safety, and kind reassurance during my first year as a nurse.  Tamara is the epitome of “RICE” and I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of the DAISY Award.  Thank you Tamara.