Tamara Brisbay

Tamara Brisbay, RN

Outpatient Surgery
Saint Joseph Hospital - Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

There was no bright glow emitting around her, but nevertheless Tamara Brisbay was a comforting angel.
An elderly grandmother had brought her ill elderly sister to the doctor and the ill sister had to stay in PRNU unexpectedly. The two sisters had also brought two young grandchildren with them. Both of the children were hungry, one in need of a nap, and one in need of a diaper change. The grandmother was struggling in the main lobby of the hospital when suddenly help stepped in. This angel sat down, started patting the small child’s back while rocking and holding him close to her. This angel’s beautiful face was red and perspiration beaded up on her forehead but she was very intent on her task at hand. Meanwhile the grandmother of the small child was feeding his infant sibling. The nurse was off duty but her caring attitude, listening skills and actions were working overtime. Her determination and kindness went mostly unnoticed. Her simple, unselfish and giving spirit was remarkable. Later, she slipped out the front door and continued on her way home leaving behind this small child sleeping next to his grandmother on the sofa in the main lobby.