Tamara Babushkin

Tamara Babushkin, RN, BSN

Ambulatory Surgery
Maimonides Medical Center
Brooklyn, New York
United States

Tamara Babushkin exemplifies commitment, compassion and caring when providing nursing care for her pediatric patients and families.

I can attest to her dedication as a provider of exceptional nursing care. On Friday, August 28th Tamara was the nurse who took care of my son. We met Tamara at a most vulnerable time, when my son was recovering from surgery, her smile, cheerful demeanor and charismatic personality, while demonstrating immense support was exactly what we needed. Her professionalism was reflected in the knowledge and expertise. Tamara took the time to sit with me as she communicated the plan of care; she put me at ease and alleviated my fears. Her calming presence as she explained his post-operative course was succinct and reassuring, and although I’m sure she has a busy and hectic shift, she did not leave our side.

As my son woke up from surgery he was both frightened and confused, Tamara held his hand and reassured him that everything would be ok. His worries became her worries. She managed his nausea and pain, and took the time to ensure that he was feeling better. Although groggy from surgery, she anticipated our needs and took the time to listen to my son’s fears. No request was too big or small as she eased his discomfort and my own. Her passion for delivering patient and family centered care was evident in everything she did. Tamara Babushkin demonstrated clinical excellence, professionalism, and her wisdom in intuitively knowing what an anxious mother needed, when I didn’t know myself!

I am most grateful for Tamara’s kindness and concern. Tamara’s generosity of spirit exemplifies what it means to be a Maimonides Nurse!

Please accept my highest commendations for Tamara Babushkin, RN and with the greatest pleasure that I submit this nomination to recognize this stellar and outstanding RN!