Tamar Arazi-Marquez

Tamar Arazi-Marquez

Tamar Arazi-Marquez, RN

LAC+USC Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States
Tamar loves to precept and teaches new RNs patient care the right way.

Today, per my request, we have Tamar as the RN to care for my fiancé. She is really nice, respectful to us, really shows compassion and care about the patient, and always on time delivering meds or immediately responds when pain meds are requested.  For someone who has been through several operations within one month the pain medicines are really needed to be given on time and immediately when requested according to the doctor’s order.  She knows the patient was and still is in lots of pain and does not make him feel like he is an addict.   Tamar always manages to show she cares with compassion and in a timely manner.  If she ever will be busy she communicates to him/us and it will be done soon.  Tamar also respects the family members who are around to take care of patients.  She understands that it is our right to speak for our loved ones.  She is friendly.  I hope this hospital will honor her for her special way of caring for patients and family.


Tamar Arazi-Marquez has been here at LAC-USC for the past 25 plus years. She is dependable, dedicated and committed to her job. Tamar cares about her patients and will go the extra mile for them.  She loves to precept and teaches new RNs patient care the right way.  I am happy and proud to say that her patients think highly of her. Ms. Arazi-Marquez is a hard worker, and I am proud to have her as part of our team here on 6A. Thank you Tamar for all that you do!