Taisa Stumpf

Taisa Stumpf, RN

Ogallala Community Hospital
Ogallala, Nebraska
United States

B's care at Ogallala Community Hospital was so awesome. All the staff was excellent, B was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and that was very overwhelming for all of us. Taisa was the nurse who taught him to check his blood sugars and inject his insulin. She was very professional and made sure he understood why he needed these meds, and how to use the necessary equipment. This has been a very hard life-changing event in B's life as well as ours, but she was so great at keeping calm, encouraging him and always asking "do you have any questions". When we left, she gave us great discharge plans and again asked if we had any questions, which made him feel so comfortable. Thank you all for getting us started on this new journey in our lives and God Bless you all.