Tahirah Callaham

Tahirah Callaham

Tahirah Callaham, RN

Urgent Care Forest
Centra Health
Lynchburg, Virginia
United States
Tahirah has this way about her that makes you feel like you have been good friends for years and there is nothing more special than that in a nurse to make you feel comfortable and special.

From the first time Tahirah opened the door and called me back, her voice was soft and steady, caring and sure, tender concerned and compassionate. We just clicked. I knew right away that God had directed me to the right place and blessed me with the perfect nurse, just for me. As Tahirah was taking my vitals, she answered all my questions with ease and concern. As Tahirah led me to the room that she was going to work on my problem, she told me what she was going to do every step of the way. Further easing my mind. As Tahirah was gently working on me we talked about family, our jobs, food, life, our dreams for the future as that put me more at ease as she was so easy to talk to. And what can be a painful procedure, Tahirah performed on me in such a way that it was over with before I knew it and pain-free, with continues to show her compassion, her caring concern, and her skills and knowledge as the very best, the very elite nurse. When Tahirah finished with me, she put towels and washcloths on the counter to clean myself with and she told me she would be back. When Tahirah came back, I thanked her and told her how much I appreciated her extraordinary care as she told me to take care of myself and we said goodbye.

Tahirah’s compassion and that special heart that makes her the very best nurse had touched my heart and spirit so much that I had to go back two days later and asked if the lady at the front desk could I tell Tahirah how much her special qualities as my nurse meant to me. She got Tahirah for me and as soon as we saw each other we hugged and I told Tahirah that her compassion and care for me touched my heart so and that I didn't think I thanked her the way I needed to. That I had to come to see her again to let her know how much her care and gentle, tender ways meant to me and I thanked her over and over. Then we said our goodbyes.

I had to go back a few times after that but my angel nurse was not there and I missed her so much. Then I had to go back a couple of days ago and my angel nurse, Tahirah was there and I was again in a lot of pain. As soon as we saw each other I was so glad to know I was in her special care again, and she said “hello old friend”, which mean the world to me and again shows how Tahirah has a beauty about her that she gives her patients that special caring that also continues to show why she is an Extraordinary Nurse and person.

Tahirah has this way about her that makes you feel like you have been good friends for years and there is nothing more special than that in a nurse to make you feel comfortable and special. She saw how much pain I was in and quickly yet perfectly took my vitals and carried my back to the room she would be working on me. She so gently and warmly asked me questions that were needed. Tahirah then went and told the doctor in charge, which then came to talk to me. She then came back in and what could have been a difficult procedure which could have made it more painful for me. My special nurse Tahirah performed it quickly, expertly, and pain-free, without any trouble whatsoever. It's such a blessing when you are in the best hands in the world and you know it in cases such as what I was in. Tahirah told me she would be back as I was going to get dressed. When Tahirah came back we hugged and I thanked her over and over. Again as she was working on me we talked about everyday life like old friends which is so comforting when you're there for medical treatment. And as we said our goodbyes I thanked Tahirah again for all she did for me and I told her I would be praying for her and her family, and she said she would be praying for me. And I thank God for blessing me with her care, her special qualities that make Tahirah the best, most skillful, most caring and compassionate nurse with a healers touch that will be in my heart for the rest of my life.

Not only was I blessed with the best nurse ever, but also blessed with a very dear and special friend in Tahirah which I will cherish forever. Tahirah is an angel, my angel, and a true DAISY Nurse. Tahirah went above and beyond for me and that has really touched my heart Thank you Tahirah!