Sylvia Baker

Sylvia Baker

Sylvia Baker, RN

Oncology Unit
JPS Health Network
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Sylvia is like the glue that holds our unit together. She has what everyone calls "Sylvia's pearls or Sylvia's pop quiz" During daily huddle she will research a best practice question and pop quiz everyone in huddle on that practice or she will research an issue and post the information for everyone to read in a room where at some time of the day everyone must go (the bathroom or the break room). An example of one of her pop quiz emails is "Pop Quiz: Who does medical power of attorney? Answer: Chaplin Ty". We often receive and appreciate our pearls or pop quiz emails and huddle questions. When we started our passion teams on the unit, Sylvia took it upon herself to organize a book with a tab for every team so that the minutes from each group could be kept in the same place for easy reference. Staff frequently recommends her for her leadership and teamwork that she exhibits in her role as team leader.

Sylvia has commitment, drive, and dedication to our patients, our unit, our hospital, and our community. If someone has a problem with their schedule, she is the first to say, "I will change so they can have what they need." During the ice storm when she heard that there was even the possibility of bad weather, she was the first to say, "I am going to stay at the hospital so that I can make it in." She not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

If I were to become ill, Sylvia is the nurse that I would want to care for me. She will go around the world and back for not only our patients but our tower 7 team as well.

We had a patient who after receiving chemotherapy lost all of her long beautiful hair. Sylvia called the American cancer society, our cancer center and anyone else she could think of to get our patient a long wig that was similar to her hair and a supply of scarves that she could use. I cannot explain to you the appreciation that the patient felt. Just recently on her day off, Sylvia not only prepared food she also bought food from one of the nurses favorite eateries for their birthday. And when she found out that it was one of the physician's birthday as well, she included him in the birthday celebration, also.