Suzanne Csipkes

Suzanne Csipkes, BSN-RN

GI Lab
Nebraska Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

I had a procedure done in the GI Lab. First off, I am an employee of Methodist and I have no family here in the city to be with me. I get nervous when I need a procedure because I am a difficult IV stick! I walked down the hall alone to the GI Lab and there was Suzanne with a very warm, happy face to greet me and place me in a room where I was prepped for the procedure! Her professional, calming voice reassured me I was going to be fine! She made me feel safe in her care. Everything was explained to me in great detail before signing my permit! She checked my hands for veins to start the IV and she stated she found a good one! The first stick and the IV was started and I was relieved. Suzanne displays a very professional, confident and reassuring attitude in every aspect of nursing! She is very compassionate and caring in every way possible! We are very lucky to have her be part of the Methodist GI Lab to help comfort many patients having a procedure. Suzanne and everyone else who cared for me was awesome! She is very deserving of the DAISY Award, she goes above and beyond! What a great Nurse! Thank you Suzanne.